Cross Platform Game Engine

Vertices Engine

One tool, many platforms

Vertices Engine is an in-house developed game engine from VirtexEdgeDesign & rtroe based in and built from the ground up in C#. It uses MonoGame as it’s back end allowing it to run cross platform on PC, OSX, Linux, iOS and Android.

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Vertices is used in both Mobile and Desktop games, making it versatile and powerful tool for quickly creating games which can be deployed to a number of different platforms quickly.


The Chaotic Workshop is a cartoon puzzle sandbox game which challenges you to solve its puzzle Blueprints by any means necessary. From rockets to pinball bouncers, tennis ball canons to proximity mines, it is up to you of how to get the job done.


Metric is a fast paced futuristic racer which pulls from a broad spectrum of inspiration as well as adding in its own unique flavours to the genre. Challenge up to 8 friends over network multiplayer, or try your hand at course sculpting by creating your own tracks through the integrated sandbox.

Sandbox Editor

A number of Vertices games are sandbox based, and so the engine is built an integrated in-game editor to add, modify and change a game on the fly.

Terrain Editor

Integrated Terrain Editor for creating:

  • Terrain
  • Water
  • Skyboxes
Make it look good

Deferred renderer

Vertices comes with a extensible and plug-and-play rendering pipeline. There is a more in depth look at the rendering pipeline over at Virtex’s main site here.

Post process pipeline

Vertices come with an easy to use plugin system for adding rendering post processes:

  • Motion Blur
  • SSAO
  • Screen Space Reflections
  • Crepuscular Rays

And more…

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debug tools

Vertices supports a number of GUI elements from basic buttons and toolbars to more advanced Ribbon Bars and Property Grib controls.

debug tools

To help with game development and profiling, Vertices comes with a number of debug profilers and tools.

Each tool is written using a plugin system allowing any users to create their own debug tools them selves!


The rendering pipeline comes with a number of debug options as well, allowing to see what the scene looks like at each stage of the pre and post processing.

Make it run fast


Vertices comes with physics support for BEPU and Farseer.

Vertices uses Lidgren to handle it’s netcode back end, and is integrated into the engine, allowing for fast prototyping of networked games.