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Mobile, PC, AR and VR, We specialise across multitudes of mediums

Interactive Designs

From AR to full real world installations, we specialise in bringing the digital world to the real world


Many of our tools and game mod kits are available on Github for others to try and expand on

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WE specialise in all things digital and interactive

From Mobile AR Apps, to Visual Stunning Digital Installations, We can provide a wide range of expertise and skills to give life to your Visions 

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Racing, Puzzles, Music. Our games are cross platform, cross genre and add new mix to all of them.

We have experience with AR, VR, Console and Mobile.

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Rich, powerful and cross platform tools. We share much of what we use as open source tools. A number of our tools and mod kits we make available.



Metric Racer is taking part again this year in the Indie Racers Festival that is running Sept 1st to 4th!

Another year has hurtled by like an Ares frame flying into the final stretch on Mars.

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Version 0.9.2 of Metric Racer is out now with a number of updates and news! Cross Platform Track Sharing With 0.9.2 players will now be able to share their tracks between any platform that Metric runs…

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This weekend, Aug 26th-29th, the Indie Racers Festival is in full swing! Try out different fast paced indie games and check out some of the recent changes in Metric Racer! Streams Join the Virtex Discord or follow on Twitter to keep in…

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