Shader Series

While developing the Vertices Engine for Virtex Edge Design, It involved creating and integrating a number of different shader effects and post processors.

I’ve learned a massive amount about Shaders from readings, documents, online tutorials, and articles, so I will be continually adding to a set of Shader Tutorial Series over at Virtex Edge’s main blog, but I’ll be linking them here.

Emissive Materials


In the first entry in the HLSL Shader Series, I touch on how to create Emissive Materials using a Selective Bloom approach by using simple texture masks. Click the image above to check it out.

Motion Blur


In this write up, I go over how I implemented a basic Camera Motion Blur into Vertices. It uses Current and Previous ViewProjection matrices to get the current and previous screen location of world positions. Click the image below or the link here to check it out.

Screen Space Reflections