Frequency is a Fast Paced Music based Geometric Puzzle Game where you must piece together different geometric pieces to build together musical tracks. Each piece pulses to different audio frequency spectrum bands from bass through the mid and treble, bringing you into the music.

Artistic style, high speeds and customization through the nose is what sets Metric Racer apart from the rest of the crowd. Set in the near future, it draws inspiration from a number of different games and media’s to deliver a bright, stylistic environment. Slated for PC, OSX and Linux, there will be much more content arriving in the coming months.

Free your creativity in this rube-goldberg-machine-on-steroids game that combines physics sandboxing with insane mechanisms. Everything from Truss’ to Fire Extinguisher’s, Challenge your self in one of the 50 puzzles or create your own in the sandbox creator! You can pick up this puzzler now on the App Store and on Google Play.

Pew Zoom Boom is a fast paced, 8-bit themed mobile missile run game, with the goal to both get as high an altitude as possible as well as score as high as possible by out-maneuvering as many missiles as possible. You must race to the stars and dodge an onslaught of incoming missiles before you become cindered stardust yourself!