3C – Crop-Capture-Create

Chrome Screen Shot extention which allows you to capture anything from a cropped portion to entire webpages! You can download and install 3C straight from the Chrome Web Store through the link below!

What can it do?

  • Capture an entire Web page from top too bottom.
  • Crop a section of the page.
  • Or simplye just get the current view.
  • Opens the image in a new tab so you can review and save the image straight to your disk.
  • We’re adding features all of the time, have a request, let us know.
  • It’s also Open Source, so not only can you Fork us over at GitHub, but it comes with full transparency so you can reset assured there’s no bloat or malware.

Have a Question? Something Go Wrong? Never Fear, We’re Here to Help!

If you have a question or stumble across a problem, check out our FAQ or let us know on our GitHub Issue page.


  • Upload too Twitter/Facebook/Imgur/Reddit from inside the app.
  • Improve Editor.
  • Add Camera Capture.
  • Add Gif File Creation.
  • Add ‘right click save/copy’ option for images/canvases on any arbitrary webpage.


3C is released under the MIT License.